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General comments:
Every person is unique. The same symptoms could have completely separate causes. Hence, people react differently to the Bemer3000 treatment. In line with individual reactions treatments can be modified.
Every illness should be first diagnosed by a qualified medical physician. Do not unilaterally reduce the medication prescribed by the medical practitioner. The use of the Bemer 3000 is completely free of side effects.
 Discussion with a Medical Practitioner on the optimum treatments is available on the BEMER Hotline. Please contact your consultant for details and phone numbers.

LEVELS:  1 TO 10

LEVEL 1 – 2 relaxing, release stress, and sleep inducing, Insomnia, anxiety attacks, ADHD, etc.
LEVEL 3 – 8 your basic program, repeat cycle. This is the best for therapeutic effects in circulation, regeneration,  healing of wounds and the automatic processes which aid the regulation of the metabolism
LEVEL 9 – 10 regenerative action in depth, in bones, joints, stimulation and stabilizing of immune system.

Used with the full mat - in week 1 use LEVEL 3 (L 3) only
Rise one level each week until LEVEL 6 (L 6)
In  week 5, start at Level 3 and repeat cycle again

P1 TO P4
Combined programmes - usually for using with the MiniMat or Intensive Applicator
MM or IA must be plugged into the inlet at the bottom right of the control panel.
The full mat will not function while an accessory is plugged in.

Preset Combinations of various levels, used usually on the MiniMat or Intensive applicator.
Used mainly for localized pain relief/wound healing/stimulation of internal organs etc.
Generally used as below:

PROGRAM 1 (P1) muscle tension, tension, headaches, phantom limb pain
PROGRAM 2 (P2) general pain conditions, migraines
PROGRAM 3 (P3) acute inflammatory conditions, arthritis, deep wounds, infection control
PROGRAM 4 (P4) chronic degenerative processes, oedemas, and 2nd degree burns, bone healing, cysts.

P4 can also  be used on the full mat, particularly for patients with overall pain, large burn areas or multiple fractures.


Always start with the Base Program

The control unit produces a broad frequency-based electro magnetic pulse which is very characteristic for the Bemer 3000. This in turn gives rise to complex physiological changes and no frequency adjustments by the patient will be necessary. The only control consists of a 10-Step intensity regulator in line with the requirements of the user. Four pre-programmed sequences (P1 -P4) provide further control of intensities for specific treatments. A range of different applications are possible with the Bemer 3000.

 Always start treatment with the Basic Program. Observe the reaction of the user and modify the application in line with the user's state of health. Multiple applications of the Bemer 3000 in sequence are also possible. Between treatments, certain physiological effects take place in the body automatically so that a break of 3 to 4 hours is recommended between applications. Use the BASE PROGRAM (BP) as often as possible (3-4 hourly intermissions) to slowly build up the metabolism and regenerate the body. Repeat cycle continuously for cumulative effects in the body and for health maintenance.

The frequency of application can be adjusted to individual requirements. Multiple use is generally possible, but usually not necessary. For general regeneration and maintenance of health one daily application is sufficient, twice a day is optimum. In case of illness and injuries the duration depends on the specific therapy and the availability for treatment of both the patient and the physician. From a physiological perspective, applications every 3 to 4 hours are meaningful, i.e. four treatments a day.

To treat specific conditions – add another program to the Base Programme (BP).

1     For localized pain relief/fracture healing:  BP + MiniMat or Intensive Applicator on P4
2     To strengthen Immune system: BP +  LEVEL 10

Less is more – always start with the lower levels.

The more frail or weak (acidic) a patient is, the lower the level used.
Use the Base Program to slowly move to the higher levels.
If the patient has a “detox” type reaction, drop back to the lower levels for a few days.

Every treatment is of value.

BEMER therapy is not ailment-specific. It is a wellness therapy. It works holisitically, for the whole body, at the same time. Although some types of ailments respond more readily to some levels of treatment, ANY Bemer treatment done will always be of benefit to the body as a whole. No treatment is ever “wasted”. The programmes are like “fine-tuning”  the process.


The effect of Step 1 is improved relaxation.(also Step 2) This intensity is also recommended for treatment of hyperactive children, for general relaxation, for sleep disorders and for electro-sensitive persons. With the exception of the electro-sensitive persons, always use the Basic Program for the above conditions.
Sleep disorders are treated with the Basic Program applied once to three times a day and on Step 1 just before bed time. The intensity of Step 1 is not effective for improving uninterrupted sleep. Related causes here may be liver and bladder problems which can be alleviated with the Basic Program. In rare cases a reversal of the reactions can take place. Should Step 1 cause more agitation, then Step 10 often has a calming effect.
Note that Step 1 is not suitable for heart rhythm disorders. Here, intensities Step 3 and higher are applied. However, more serious heart rhythm conditions should always be treated in consultation with a physician.

Intensity Step 10 ( or 9) causes effects in deeper body tissue. The strength of the magnetic field reduces quickly with distance. Intensity 10 improves the regeneration of bones and joints (with the use of the Applicator) and it was shown empirically that the immune system is strengthened. In this case intensities Step 9 and 10 have proven to be very beneficial with treatment of osteoporosis, Morbus Bechterew, broken bones and polyarthritis. Often such patients are highly acidic in cell pH and therapy should include at least a once a day Basic Program treatment. According to the frequency of applications, different combinations of programs and Steps can be tried. (see examples above)
The Applicator provides additional therapy combination options. The Applicator is very useful in the treatment of trauma of all kinds and should be applied as quickly as possible after injury. This will directly influence the degree of swelling, reduction of hematoma and the reduction of pain.
For treatment of chronic illnesses, the Basic Program on the mat should be taken at least once or twice a day. In combination with the Applicator, applied once or more times a day with P4 will result in a localised deeper effect.


The magnetic field intensity of the Bemer 3000 is of the same order of magnitude as that of the earth's magnetic field. (about 50 micro Tesla) This is well below the guidelines given by the WHO, namely 100 micro Tesla. Objectively, there are no contra-indications or negative side-effects from Bemer 3000 treatment. We consider our health as our most important possession. Hence, observe the following:

In the case of recent organ transplants, there is the possibility of a so-called relative contra-indication. Why relative contra-indication? We know that the Bemer 3000 treatment improves the immune system, hence an increased potential for organ rejection is a possibility. On the other hand, the electro-magnetic influence also improves the effect of medication; i.e. also the suppression of the immune system. We can use the Bemer 3000 in the case of freshly transplanted organs, but under medical supervision. The Bemer 3000 has been used in individual cases under these circumstances. However, the experimental basis of such therapy is at present still insufficient to draw decisive conclusions. The use of the Bemer 3000 in connection with organ transplants should always be subject to medical supervision and responsibility.

Some other contra-indications of other magnetic field therapies are not applicable for Bemer 3000 therapy due to its controlled, very low magnetic field intensity. Metal parts in the body e.g. hip replacement, screws etc are no problem at all. Active implants such as, for example heart pace makers, can always present a certain risk. In such cases the exact specifications and conditions of the implant must be known and discussed with the physician. You may also contact our Hotline.

There are illnesses where the situation can seriously deteriorate without any reasonable medically-based explanation. We consider serious heart rhythm and tachy cardiac conditions, large aneurysm (from degree 4), heavy psychosis and the suffering of serious non-compensated epileptic attacks in this category.

Although the Bemer 3000 therapy can often produce considerable improvements, these conditions should be treated with special care by a qualified physician.

Note: Don't apply self-therapy under such circumstances!


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